Monday, October 3, 2016

Three Emails...getting caught up.

 My transfer news? Well let me tell ya. I am going to a place called Bokrom in Kumasi where I will train and be the district leader. Three new experiences right there: training, whitewashing an area, and district leader. I will really miss this zone, the district, and the branch that I served in. I have come to love them all very much. I took a ton of pictures with everyone! 
This past week has been really fun. We have been exploring our area and each day since Elder Cameron has been in Ghana we have had some interaction with a drunk man. The first was when We went out to by something and a man started to talk with us. He was obviously drunk out of his mind! At one point he picked up a stone and held it in his hand and said "This stone is dirty. I need to wash it. I am dirty so you need to wash me!" That was his first day! The next day being saturday we were out and on the side of the road was a drunk man urinating. He whipped it out started his thing and then began stumbling towards us. He passed right between us almost spraying our legs with his bodily fluids. Then on Sunday we were at church and the sacrament hall has a door right to the outside. We were in priesthood and all of a sudden a drunk man comes to the door and begins talking to me and introducing himself. He then proceeeded to shout very insulting Twi words at me and so the bishop and a couple others escorted him outside. Powerful!  
Anyways I love you all so much and wish you the best! Will send pictures next week! 

I miss obuasi small small. Buokrom is nice though. I bought some paintings and a mask today. Unfortunately I completely forgot the stuff I was going to send home today but hopefully next week. 
Training is not easy nor is being a district leader at the same time. It is fun though and is teaching me a lot. I bought a knife for the drunkards. Don't want any wahala for my side... 
One thing I like about the training is coming back to the basics. I think one thing a lot of members get problems with is they are too concerned with trying to know big big doctrine. Just small small easy basics are the most important. When we lay our foundation upon the simple basics and make them solid, our building of the gospel can grow tall tall! 
As Nephi said it, " My soul delights in plainess". 
Love you all! 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Just Do It!

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Hello familia. Look at me getting multilingual out here. I am glad to hear that all is well. When does Tristan Shumway get back? Thanks for all the stories and updates and especially  for the quote from the spoken word. It was really powerful. You always seem to say exactly what I need to hear.
This week was pretty good. We had 4 baptisms on Sunday! Their names are Frank, Daniel, Evans, and Susie. I It was fantastic to get to do those and be a part of their lives that they won't ever forget! I surely won't forget it! They were the first baptisms I have had since April. They picture from left to right goes Bro. Samuel, Me, Susie, Ike, Daniel Antwi, Elder Larson, Frank Eshun, and Evans Kwarteng. 
One thing that I learned this week was the fact that obedience really does bring blessings and miracles. Just be obedient. As Nike says " Just do it". Come on just be obedient and God will really bless you. Its not easy and its not meant to be easy. But obedience will bring rewards. 
Last two weeks have been somehow uneventful in terms of stuff. We were told over and over by a guy that was high that he loved us so we should take him to the US. I said "Hey! Your dog is getting chased by that pig!" There was no pig or dog but he took off running down the road! That was sweet. He came back and said he tackled the pig and mmmhhmmmmed it. Whatever that means. 

I love you all and can't wait til next week! 

                                             Cleaning up the hospital service project.
                                                Elder Larson and Elder Walch.

One By One

Hello my family! Its nice to hear all the good news from you people. Mom I heard you people had a Tanner Smith over for dinner. He is a missionary. Him and Elder Larson went to school together. How crazy is that! Also crazy is that Jerry Cripe saw the picture Elder Snow's dad posted on facebook of us and Jessica saw it and was like "Wow what the heck". I guess Jerry and Bro Snow were friends in high school or something! Crazy...... just crazy. 
Crazy seems to describe how this week went by. It all culminated with getting to see, hear from, and shake hands with Elder David A. Bednar, Elder Terrence M. Vinson, and Elder Vern P. Stanfill. The last two names are the president and 2nd counselor in the Africa West area presidency consecutively. It was on the whole a most exciting and spiritually enriching experience. The thing that seemed to be the topic was one by one. A choir of our missionaries sang a song with the words written by Elder Bednar. He told us the reason and meaning of the words right after they sung. It was his personally testimony and witness that the Savior had great enough power to change the flow of time long enough to physically suffer for us one by one. If you look at the ordinances of the gospel even the pattern in which they are administered is one by one. As he spoke to us and answered questions, the Spirit filled the air and touched my heart. Questions I had but couldn't ask for time were answered. Some of them weren't even spoken out loud but the answers came all the same through the power of the spirit. All in all it was a most wonderful experience.
I love you all very much and am most grateful for all of you. I am happy and healthy and doing well and I hope all of you are feeling the same!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Testimony...He is REAL.

Hello dear family and friends! So glad to get to write today. The network is not
working all too good so I have to make it somehow fast. 
What I really want to share is something that has deeply and profoundly touched
my heart this past week. In preparation for the visit by Elder Bednar, we as a mission
 have all been asked to read a number of his talks. During my personal study one morning
this week I read his talk called Learning by faith. What was so powerful about it was afterwards I
 had the opportunity to ponder the things that I read. As I pondered So many wonderful
 thoughts filled my mind and touched my heart. I know I can't really express all of my
feelings properly in this writing but to be short I can say without a doubt that Jesus Christ lives.
 He is our Savior and he loves everyone of us. This church is His church. It is led by Christ
 himself through prophets and Apostles. I know that He is real. 

                                      Elder Walch and Elder Larson said goodbye to Elder Snow (middle).
                                      Elder Snow returns home this Thursday after an honorable mission.
                                      Best wishes...till we meet again.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Watch where you step it's dark out here.

First off thank you so much for your inspired addition of the talk. It really helped to answer some of my prayers. 
Hello family! This week went by alright. There has been a dramatic fluctuation in the weather recently which gave me a cold all last week. It wasn't an easy week by any means but we got through it the best we could and kept on keepin on. 
One funny/scary thing that happened this week was when I and my companion were walking home along the roadside in the dark on the way back home. There are no road lights so it was creepy. I had done it a million times before but was never scared. We were passing a certain spot where there was a deeper part of bush. I looked down into one part that was closest and saw what I thought was a rock. I studied it more and thought it was a sleeping goat. As a car's light shined on its smooth top it moved and looked me right in the eyes. It was a person crouched down in the bush. I jumped like ten feet in the air grabbed my companion, who was busting up laughing, and walked faster and faster. Yeah haven't walked there since!
We are having two investigators who are very powerful! Their names are Daniel Antwi and Evans. They stay in a place called New Edubiasi which is about 45 minutes drive and 8 cedis in and out from Asonkore. They are so powerful and have come every sunday since we met. Please pray for them. We are trying to baptize them on the 21st of this new month. Because of the distance and cost of getting there. It is very rewarding. 
Well another transfer has come and I will still be here in Asonkore with Elder Larson! I have come to love this place very much. The work truly is divine and is controlled by the Lord. I have seen that it does take a lot of work to do the Lord's will, but it is always more rewarding in the end to see how far you've come. I think you all remember that when I came to Asonkore, the area was dead and my companion was not supportive. Because of the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ the area is now alive and kicking. We are looking forward to success and are working hard to hold on to what we have. 
Love you all! Until next week! 
Elder Walch

                                          Elder Larson and I eating lunch. Mmmmm good.

More trust in the Lord.

Glad to hear that you are having a good week getting everyone back to school! I miss high school small small. Not all the drama caused by it but the fun things. 
For my birthday, we didn't really do anything. I guess I'm just one of those people who doesn't need anything. Or maybe its because I know there's a package somewhere with my name on it.... My companion did buy me a Chelsea jersey with matching shorts that I wore at our football match today! He's the best. Oh and Elder Asabere keeps asking for the family members favorite colors and I keep forgetting. 
This week went by somehow uneventful with a whole lot of failed appointments. We will continue to work hard and hopefully fill the week with success. . 
Mom thanks so much for your testimony on the Plan of Salvation. It really is amazing to know all these sacred truths and not be kept in darkness. 
So this week we went to a place called New Edubiase which is on the road to Cape Coast. Which is so far away to meet with a referral called Daniel Antwi. He is powerful and has come to church the past two sundays despite the lorri fare of 14 cedis in and out. It is touching to see his level of devotion to the gospel enough to the point that he is willing to pay so much to come. With this in mind, there are members who stay very close, like the next town, who complain every time about transport. As we discussed this issue in branch council yesterday, I contributed that members in the branch need to increase faith and  make the sacrifices necessary to come to church. The fare from the closest towns is 80 pesewas which is the equivilant of 20 cents. The thing that I think we can all learn from this illustration is that God will bless those who seek his will and allow them to achieve all the things that he asks them to do. Just like Nephi told his father Lehi, "I know that the Lord giveth no commandment unto the children of men save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he hath commanded them." It is very true. I urge all of us to trust the Lord enough to make the necessary sacrifices to do the Lord's will. It won't be easy, but it was never easy for the Savior, so why should it be easy for his servants? 
Love you all tons!!! Until next time! 

"Just a small boy of 19 in Africa."

Hahaha I'm just a small boy! Out in Africa as a 19 year old making big boy choices. Go ahead and eat my favorite foods.... It'll make you people miss me more. 
Thank you for all the stories and things! This past week went by very well! We worked hard each and everyday and the rewards so far have been very great! Yesterday at church there were so many things that were miraculous. To start, we had 7 investigators at church! 3 came late but four were on time. They all said they loved it so we will be looking forward to following up on their experiences this next week. The next one was also fantastic! A recent convert who we have been working with who had received the Aaronic priesthood. He passed the sacrament this week and it was an amazing experience for both me and him and his family! The joy on my face the entire Sunday I'm sure could be seen from miles away. The next thing was another recent convert called sister constance gave the most powerful talk I have ever heard in Asonkore branch! She's only been a member since January and is so powerful! The last one that I can say is one about a man called brother Samuel. He is a Polygamist. He has only missed one day of church since the missionaries contacted him a year ago. He is extremely powerful. About a two or so months ago when I was with Elder Naawu, he told us that his second wife went to church at Seventh Day Adventist and came to him and said she wanted her salvation so they should divorce. He was so so happy to tell us this great news. Yesterday he told me and Elder Larson that the second wife's father came to Obuasi for the culture parts before the actual thing. Come to find out, he is an endowed member of the church! I'm going to guess he is alright with this divorce! 
With all these past miracles in one day, I have come to see that God prepares his children for the things that they have been foreordained to do. As I studied in Jesus The Christ this morning, I read chapter 3 which talked about the need of a Redeemer. One of the subtopics touched on the topic of foreordination. It was powerful to say the least. But anyhow, it was great to see this past sunday as proof that God is aware of us individually, as communities, as nations, and of course as his children. 
I love you all! Here is a picture of me driving fufu!
Love, Elder Walch